Hello! My name is Konstantin and I live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
I’ve been professionally engaged in producing belt sanders since 2013.

The products I offer:

Basic kit:
Christmas sale!
1880€ 1680€ (inc. shipping) for the EU and the United Kingdom

The main product I offer can achieve a 90 degree rotation and a variety of attachments can be applied. The whole kit weighs around 105 kg and it includes: the main machine, a straight grinding attachment (l=300mm), concave bevel wheel (d=250mm), 3 small rollers (d=15mm,28mm,34mm). A larger wheel (d=450mm) can be mounted as well on the main machine.
The product is crafted to a high standard. Thickness of the steel used – 3,4,6,8,10,25,30 mm. The body represents a tightly conjugate space framework. The supports sections are 25x25mm and 30x30mm. Steel used – C45. The large wheel is produced in Italy from aluminum and has a rubber ring running along its circumference, with hardness approximately 85 Shore units.
Its 1,5 kW engine runs on three-phase current and can achieve 2870 RPM. A frequency inverter controls the band speed from 7 m/s to 28 m/s. These velocities can be adjusted to the client’s preferences.


Disc grinder – 250

We also offer a disc grinder with a rotating table. Its engine – 1,1 kW, 1430 RPM.

Polishing motor – 170

Another product of ours is a polishing motor with the axes used for equipment attachment. Engine – 0,75 kW, 2870 RPM.


The last two aforementioned machines (disc grinder and polishing motor) can be controlled using the frequency inverter for the main machine.


Magnet grinder – 600
Currently out of stock. We are developing a new model with rotating magnets!

Special stationary whetstone for primary bevel – 90
Currently out of stock.

Handtool for primary bevel – 70

Handtool for secondary bevel

An updated project, coming in the near future!

Hand clamp for longitudinal finish – 75€


In our workshop we use professional machinery and tools – the CU320, CU404, TOS S32 lathes and the RUHLA FLIW200, ACIERA F3 mills, and a “BalCom-1” dynamic balance machine.

Our products are sold around the world, including: USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, The United Kingdom, Qatar, Bulgaria etc.

We’re open for communication and any suggestions. 🙂